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Memories Are Priceless

Whether you decide to say ‘Yes’ in summer, winter, fall or spring, your wedding at Korona Karkonoszy will be truly unique. Themed wedding, special decorations or romantic ceremony in the garden? The choice is yours! Browse our gallery and remember – you're just one step away from your  dream wedding.

Our Weddings

In the last 7 years, we organized over 400 weddings and received 2000 positive references from our guests! Let us organize your perfect wedding!
First dance in petal confetti is an unforgettable and wonderful experience!
Sparkler wedding cake is our specialty. Everybody loves it!
Trellis of roses made by wedding guests is always a touching scene for the family, friends and the Newly-weds.
Traditional welcoming of Newly-weds: throwing rice brings them prosperity and happiness.

Four Seasons

Weddings in the Korona Karkonoszy are always charming and unique, no matter the season. Our Newlyweds love to take pictures in the fields of sunflowers, colorful meadows and mountain waterfall. Your dream wedding is within your reach!
Weddings in winter are always magical! The bride looks like the Snow Queen, surrounded by glimmering white snowflakes.
Nothing says summer like the sun shining on a beautiful field of lavender, intensifying its dazing smell!
If you love nature, be sure to visit mountains in the spring - there's nothing quite like it...
Autumn in Korona Karkonoszy is the most beautiful season - it will enchant you with its colours and warm light.

Rooms & Suites

Every night spend in one of our themed rooms and suits is unforgettable. We provide comfortable and luxurious accomodation for up to 125 people. The Snow Queen’s Lounge, The Mirror Penthouse, The Music Parlour... Which one will you choose?
The Mirror Penthouse is a beautiful, elegant room, styled in various shades of blue.
The Botanical Suite is the biggest room in the whole manor, well equipped and with a private patio.
The Silver Suite is especially popular among our Newly-weds. Try it yourself and find out why!
The Music Parlour is decorated with a violin case, a trumpet, and portraits of famous composers, to name only a few.

Taste & Cuisine

The wide selection of dishes available in the Korona Karkonoszy reflects our culinary passion. Our cuisine consist largely of traditional polish food, mixed with influences from all over the world. Our prepared in-house pâtés, roasted meats, pickled olives, breads and herbal cheeses are a feast for the senses.
In Korona Karkonoszy you'll find a rich choice of vegan and vegetarian meals. We use only natural and organic ingredients.
Our cuisine is a mixture of traditional polish food and culinary influences from all over the world. We're always looking for new inspiring flavours and aromas.
We're always preparing pâtés, roasted meats and various breads for our guests - their delightful taste can't be mistaken for anything else!
Our in-house made cheeses and pickled olives have gained many glowing reviews. Traditional food preparation is one of our greatest passions!
Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization, founded in 1989 to prevent the disappearance of local food, cultures and traditions.
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